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9 Tips and Tricks to Get Promoted at Your Company

51% of employees in the United States are satisfied with their current jobs. Although there are many causes of job dissatisfaction, staying in the same position for so long is one of the major contributors.

A job promotion is an exciting career milestone. Most people aspire to get promoted and advance in their line of work. This can significantly boost their motivation.

The reality, however, is that promotions are not always guaranteed. You must put efforts and show your employer that you need the promotion.

If you have been in the same position for a long time, don’t assume that a promotion will come as a bonus.

You have to do more than working for long hours. Discussed below are the top tips and tricks that you can try to get a promotion at your job.

1. Acquire New Skills and Knowledge

One of the best promotion tips is to expand your skills and expertise. You need to update your skills regularly because of workplace forces such as technology change daily.

Getting more knowledge will secure you a promotion and help you stay marketable for other opportunities.

Technology is not useful for IT people only. Every employee in the firm needs to stay updated so that they can understand how to use the office tools effectively.

So, how do you improve your skills? Go back to school. You can also get information from experts by attending educational seminars and conferences.

2. Establish a Good Relationship with Your Boss

Your boss is one of the best advocates you can rely on when looking for a promotion. This is because they have the power to either put you to a higher level in the organization or even reduce you to nothing.

Use all opportunities to include your boss in your essential supporters’ list for the promotion. You can do this by seeking counsel from them.

Also, use your performance appraisals to achieve your accomplishments and show your boss the potential roadblocks to your success.

Some experts believe that building a strong rapport with your employer is by learning their hobbies and interests. You can then strike a conversation with them during informal activities such as parties.

3. Quantify Your Results

While most promotions do not depend on your past performance, you can be promoted by showing detailed information about your past performance.

Keep a record of all your achievements. Also, note down all activities that shed light on your department or company. Remind your boss of all the things you have done so that they can see your innovative and creative character.

Keeping a record of your positive achievements builds up your curriculum vitae, and this makes it easy for you to get a promotion.

4. Act Professional

The promotion comes with respect. One proven way of gaining respect in your work is by being professional. Dress neatly and professionally, even on weekends and other casual days.

Also, ask permission every time you want to do something. If you don’t know something, admit it and be ready to learn.

To be professional, you have to be different and stand out from the pack. Although this does not mean that you have to isolate yourself from the rest, you should always maintain a positive outlook.

Your relationship with the other employees should be strictly professional. Your customers will also trust you more if you serve and interact with them professionally. This way, you will make the right name for yourself and qualify for a promotion.

5. Volunteer for Responsibilities

Don’t limit yourself to doing what you were instructed to do. Also, don’t wait until your boss asks you to do more.

If you are performing well on typical responsibilities, look for other ways to do more. For instance, you can ask your boss if he or she has another task that you can help.

Also, look for other ways of improving your company’s performance and operations. Make your co-workers’ job easier by helping them perform their tasks once you accomplish yours.

A good boss will be delighted when you take the initiative to do more and to learn.

6. Be Part of the Interview Panel

If the firm you work for involves multiple people in the interviewing process, request your boss to be part of it. Interviewing new people will help you gain valuable experience.

It will also make you feel like a great contributor to the company.  Besides, it is the right way to show your employers that you are interested in becoming part of the top management.

If the worst happens and the managers deny you an opportunity to participate in the interview process, be patient. Try the same approach six months later. They will see your confidence and persistence, and give you a promotion.

7. Don’t Complain

Although it’s sometimes tough to avoid, complaining can reduce your chances of getting a promotion. There are calm and polite ways of showing your anger or dissatisfaction.

If some things are done wrongly, communicate properly instead of complaining. If you are having a bad day and don’t feel like doing the work assigned to you, ask someone else to do it on your behalf.

Think twice before you complain loud!  Complaining hurts your reputation, and people will never forget the incidence.

8. Be a Team Player

Much work is accomplished through teamwork and not individually. Working as a team creates strength and downplays the employees’ weaknesses.

The team also creates an excellent platform for you to express your interests. By being an active team player, you will build your reputation and increase your value to the company.

9. Build Your Network

You stand a higher chance of promotion when you reveal your strengths and abilities to many people. An added benefit of networking is that you gain more information about your company.

Plus, even if you don’t secure the promotion you are looking for, networking can help you get another job down the road.

Try All the Tricks to Get Promoted

A job promotion is an excellent way of advancing your career without changing companies. It also improves your resume. Follow the above steps, and you may get promoted quickly.

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